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Wavechaser Series: SUP or Stand Up Paddle race in Sausalito

Posted on 24 January 2011 by suprider

SUP Race SausalitoThe Wavechaser Series have been happening for many years in the Bay Area with races taking place from Santa Cruz, to Redwood City or Fort Baker. Wavechaser series are fairly competitive races for Surf Skiers (kayak) or Outrigger paddlers (canoe). The paddlers are usually given the choice between two courses: a short 5 mile course with easy to moderate paddling conditions or a long course 10-15 mile with hard to difficult paddling conditions. The great thing about the Wavechaser series is that now more and more SUP are showing up to race. Last weekend in Sausalito, about 15 SUP raced a 5-mile course from the SeaTrek beach in Sausalito to Yellow Bluff (the last point before the Golden Gate). The conditions were flat and easy with a slow moving current to Yellow Bluff and some stronger currents and waves to manage at the buoy turn.

The sunny and warm conditions made the event very welcoming and fun for many participants. A few paddlers in the SUP race had only paddle a handful number of times.

Next event will be taking place in Oakland and San Francisco,  February 19-20, 2011 for the annual double header!

Winners of the day: Carter Johnson, Graham Weerts, Benjamin Sarrazin, Allan Romero, Lisa Phares, Judy Jansen, David Brom, Dye/ Peronetto, Kristen Podolak, Charlie&Linda Banfield, Mike Ng…

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